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Great British Chefs is a superb source of recipes from Chefs and restaurateurs living and working in Europe. It’s a great inspiration to us here at the hotel and we highly recommend it to home cooks and chefs alike

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  • Everything Nice Jerk Chicken Legs
    Bananarama says it’s a cruel summer, but they haven’t had Everything Nice Jerk Chicken Legs, so called because—and let’s talk this through up front—this recipe does not feature Scotch bonnets. The oft scorchingly hot peppers are not always a crowd-friendly ingredient, and this jerk chicken is meant to play nice at all your summer barbecues. […]
  • BBQ Pork Cheek Sliders
    Pork cheek is a delicious, clandestine cut. It comes from underneath the eye and above the jaw, making it the absolute perfect-sized hunk of meat for a slider. The cheek is unique. It doesn’t carry a lot of fat, but it’s loaded with collagen. Over a long, slow cook, the collagen breaks down, the tissues […]
  • Slab Bacon
    It may be convenient to buy packs of presliced bacon rashers to throw in a frying pan for breakfast, but there is nothing like preparing your own. A type of salt-cured pork, slab bacon is taken from the belly or less fatty back of the pig, and can be cooked sous vide with Joule for […]
  • Rack of Lamb
    Chops are the priciest cut of meat from the lamb, taken from the ribcage of the animal, and when removed collectively, come in the form of a rack. Serving a rack, which will consist of eight ribs, for your next roast dinner is bound to impress, but it’s essential to get the cooking right. Using […]
  • Turbot Filets
    Turbot is a large saltwater flat fish native to the North Atlantic, Baltic, and Mediterranean seas. It can be a little pricey (about £30 per kilogram), but the meaty, firm, white flesh is delicious. Whereas pan-frying and grilling can dry the fillets out, cooking them sous vide with Joule will enable you to lock in […]

A superb resource site which teaches a more technical method of cooking – Don’t be put off, using this site will most definitely improve your cooking

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  • Introducing The Maestro Scale!
      Ever since I wrote Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking, I’ve been a proselytizer for the kitchen scale. It makes measuring easier and cleaner and more accurate, especially when using flour, which can be off by 50% if you measure by volume. So it was a great day when the […]
    Michael Ruhlman
  • Bourbon Milk Punch(and the Maestro Scale)
    When my wife Ann and I were in New Orleans in January, we felt the need, after a great Po Boys and beer at Parasol’s in the Garden District, for one more afternoon libation (as you do in NOLA). We stopped at bar someone recommended down the street. I believe I asked for a boulvardier. Bartender […]
    Michael Ruhlman
  • Guacamole
    I put a pic on instagram of guacamole two weeks ago and got enough fervent responses about cilantro and garlic salt, lack of chili to realize that people really care about their guacamole. As we here in America, we who make enough of this creamy delicacy to fill a football stadium on Super Bowl Sunday, […]
    Michael Ruhlman
  • Cyber Monday Offer On My Kitchen Tools
    [For those who want to skip the post: promo code JINGLE—I forgot how to hyperlink the image!] Perhaps the worst feeling in the kitchen is approaching a task for which you don’t have the proper tools. Being asked to slice something without a proper knife, or being asked to follow a cake recipe without […]
    Michael Ruhlman
  • Wherefore Thanksgiving?
    If our most famous historical Republican’s claim that a nation divided against itself cannot stand, we should take heed of Thanksgiving more today than ever. Food brings us together, and hallelujah for it. Let us praise and honor the food that brings us together on this day. I have been writing and thinking about the […]
    Michael Ruhlman

Author, Chef and collaborator on some of the great cookbooks of our time. some great technical information mixed with some wonderful recipes. Well worth spending half and hour with cup of coffee browsing this blog